Monday, February 27, 2012

A Baby in BLOOM {event}

Our beautiful Sis In law is due in March and we were honored to host a baby shower for Her and Baby Tina... Yep, Auntie Tina is going to have a beautiful lil' namesake!
Mahina is honestly the PERFECT Sister In law...Really, She is! And We had tons of fun planning, preparing, and pulling it all off! Isn't Hina such a gorgeous little prego?! Glowing and all... LOVE IT!

PLANNING: We planned the shower during a Holiday weekend hoping that our loved ones from Las Vegas could make it, and many of them did!
We decided on the theme "A BABY IN BLOOM".  Our decor inspirations were flowers & bright color combinations of hot pinks, yellows, turquoise and aqua.
PREPARING: We sent out "Save the Date" reminders on facebook
and also mailed invitations.
Mahina and John had their maternity photos taken by Kassie Feinga with Soda Pop Photography!/sodapopphotography!

Our Mom came in from Las Vegas on Thursday and it was so nice to have her here... and we're so grateful for all of Her help! Decorating with my Mom and Saster was too fun and funny! I'll cherish the time my Mom was standing on my kitchen table gluing rosettes to the canopy, burning my fingers multiple times with the glue gun, and then telling Tina "get down from the table" because she was standing on it fixing the decor while holding her 7 month old... LOL! Good times, good times!

All of the items used for this table scape were already in my home, some people may call that hoarding... It's called being prepared! 
Flower & Ribbon Canopy: I installed a temporary hook shaped screw into our ceiling to hang the canopy from (thank goodness for my handy husband, who has now patched up the hole) We glued rosettes to the canopy, and tied ribbon inside the canopy to hang the tissue paper from it. And We also draped ribbon from the top of the canopy to add pops of color.  
Tissue Paper Flowers: Created with approximately 8 sheets of tissue paper,  per flower.
Instructions can be found here:

Picture stands: We used glass vases filled with silk flowers and topped them off with a silver serving tray. We used tacky tape to adhere the two temporarily together.

3 Tier Diaper Cake:  I make my diaper cakes a bit different than instructed. I believe that unrolling each and every diaper from the cake can be a bit tedious for new mommies.
 Instructions to come :)

Onesie Flower Arrangement: PINTEREST Inspired, we filled a short glass vase with shredded pink paper and placed the onesie flowers inside.
Instructions here:

Baby Banner: Strung grosgrain and satin ribbon with small clothes pins and an outfit for the princess!

Where to BUY this look:
IKEA bed canopy - $20  
Glass Vases $0.50 - $5 glass vases & jars may be purchased at the Goodwill for super cheap!
Dollar Tree silver platters/trays - $1 
ROSS Tissue Paper - $5 for 125 sheets  who knew Ross had tissue paper? Now ya do!
Sam's Club cupcake stand - $10 Sam's Club has a great variety of serving trays!
There is always some kind of decor that doesn't quite work out the way it was planned, and the Baby Banner was just that.  I originally wanted to have "Baby in Bloom" on the banner, but my printer stopped working...Arrrrr! So we just used "Baby" with a cute outfit from Auntie Tina! In the end it turned out super cute!!

FANTASTIC FIND: Do you see the cute pink cake stand in the front? I bought the candlestick for .50 and the plate for .25 at the Goodwill in Las Vegas. I just hot glued the candlestick to the plate, and the topper was from DI for .75!
 $1.50 for a *PINTEREST INSPIRED pink little cake stand is totally PRICELESS! We used this for our hot pink cake bites!

  We are truly grateful for you Hina, and we are so excited for the arrival of Tina's little namesake. Hosting this baby shower was the least we could do for your little family & We are so happy for your beautiful growing family! My brother is the happiest we have ever seen Him, and we have You to THANK!

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