Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hello, my name is Tina, and I am addicted to thrifting, lol.
  I get a rush when I go thrifting, and I'm very picky about how much I spend.  If I go thrifting, I make it a goal to always spend less then $20.  Now if I score on a piece of furniture, or a big mirror, then the price will go up a little bit.  But, I'm very particular about how much I spend.  Even if I REALLY like something, I always think to myself 'Is it really worth it?  Do I really need it?'  Most of the time, I do need it, haha. 
Just recently, I've been scoring like crazy with decor, mirrors, chairs, and pieces of furniture.  When I say score, I mean I spent less then $25 on all the pieces of furniture.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  I spent less then $10 on all my furniture pieces, and I spent $25 on a headboard.  I'm so excited about the headboard I scored!  It's vintage, and I cannot wait to paint it a bright bold color!  That's another blog in itself.  Right now I'm in the process of decorating our living room, and family room.  I've changed quite a few things in my living room since my post on my other blog, and that is all thanks to thrifting. 
A week ago I went thrifting with my sister Lota, and I had my eye on a certain piece of furniture.  I decided against getting it..  Why, I have no idea.  I should have just got it, because I could not stop thinking about it (another sign of addiction to thrifting, lol.)  So, I decided to randomly go check out that D.I. again and see if it was there.  Low, and behold it was still there!  I was so excited, and what's even more exciting is that they dropped the price to $10!  I'm so glad I waited!  The piece I'm so excited about is...
I know some people may think 'Now why in the world would you want that?'  Well, this little piece of furniture brings back so many memories.  My Grandparents use to have these in their homes, and I would get so excited about listening to them.  I am a sucker for antique's, and anything with history!  I have been since I was little, and so when I find vintage or antique pieces, I get so excited! 
Last night, after my 4 little ones went to sleep I decided to head out to start painting it.  After about 3 coats of paint, this is the finished piece.

 I love it so much, and I'm so excited that this is my first big piece of furniture that I have refinished.  I have done chairs, and little tables, but this was my biggest piece.  Isn't it amazing what a little paint will do?

Here it is in it's new home :)
Pictures to come of my thrifty family room!

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