Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walk a Day in my Shoes {RS Activity}

It was a "heel"arious, fun & inspiring evening! Our Relief "sole"ciety sisters brought a pair of shoes and shared their own personal stories! We laughed, we cried and enjoyed eachother's company! We also donated shoes to a Women's Shelter and ended the evening with a waffle bar!


Please join our 4th Ward Relief "sole" ciety Sisters for a
fun, inspirational, and "heel"arious evening!
Tuesday May 8th at 7pm
Founders Park Bldg.
We ask that each sister bring a pair of shoes and use those shoes to tell a great story!
"Shoes are worn for different reasons, and every pair has a story. Just like shoes, women are in different Seasons of their life, and every woman has a story!"
Did you finish a tough race with your running shoes? Did you dance your way into someone’s heart with your dress shoes? Did you have a memorable vacation in your flip flops?
The choice is yours! Be as creative and inventive as you like! This will be a great opportunity to get to know some of our new sisters and find out new things about our old friends.
Please also bring gently used shoes to donate!


This was a great activity with a wonderful response! We had Sister's bring their own shoes and tell their own stories, and we also had Sister's that brought a relatives old shoes and tell a story about them! It was a great way of getting to know one another better and learn more about eachother! 

One of the Sister's on our committee created the shoe favors* and she did an amazing job. 
The template was found online here:

*FYI: the favors took a pretty long time, she used printed paper ... don't use cardstock! 

Here's the FREE Printable that we used for our display! Check out this blog, it has fabulous articles and free printables!

Good luck and have fun! Make it a GREAT Day!



  1. I love this idea! So what did the evening consist of? Each sister sharing about her shoes? Thanks!

  2. This is a great idea I would like to use for our mid week activity. Do you have a template for the shoe party favors you have pictured?

  3. Did you reply to the above shoe party favor template question? They are so cute.

  4. Love this idea, would like to use it for a March activity. Is there a template for the shoe party favor, did you make one for everyone or just a display item? Do you have a cute idea for an invite that looks like a shoe or flip flop?

  5. Would you please share